Check out Our New Esco Bucket for Ponce Services [Photos]

Recently, we had another opportunity to work with the folks at ESCO to design an excavator bucket solution for our customer, Ponce Services.

This local family-owned business has being working with us since 2012. They offer a number of different services, but we have been selling them our ESCO teeth for the demolition side of their business, JRP Demolition Services.

The purchase of this particular bucket is a first for them. They’ve been welding new lips with new adapters and ESCO teeth on their buckets, but this bucket was too worn out. They were pleased with the ESCO product so they decided to get a new ESCO bucket.

The specs on this new bucket are somewhat different. We added some extra wear protection on the bottom and sides along with the newly-designed Ultralok “H” Heavy Series teeth. The wear package consists of AR400 plate 5 strips along the backside of the bucket and the bottom outside edges.  This is a 42” wide HDP (Heavy Duty Plate) with a .97 yard capacity, bolt-on side protectors and 5 teeth.

You can take an up-close look at this new ESCO bucket in the photos below!

Check out Our New Esco Bucket for Ponce Services

Check out Our New Esco Bucket for Ponce Services

Check out Our New Esco Bucket for Ponce Services

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